Devil in the White City or We <3 Chicago

Devil in the White City or We <3 Chicago

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In today’s episode, the gals discuss Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.


PLUS Malört shots!

Notes from the Show


Leo DiCaprio is developing the book and Martin Scorcese will direct!

Who should play Daniel Burnham:

Portrai of Daniel Burnham

John Krasinski vs Richard Griffiths vs Christian Bale. Winner:

Gif of Richard Griffiths Saying this is forever

Frederick Law Olmsted- Christopher Walken

Chicago History

The World’s Columbian Exposition was the first real opportunity for the United States to be recognized by the world as an architectural power house.

What is a Masshole

Take an architectural tour of Chicago!

The Museum of Science & Industry is in a building from the 1893 Columbian Exposition.

Take a tour based on the book.

Chicago History changing safety regulations forever.

Mrs. Bertha Palmer and the Women’s Building:

Bertha Honore Palmer, head of Chicago society

Poor Sophia Hayden

The Rookery Building is still in Chicago, take a tour.

Correction from the audio: the Haymarket riots(1886) happened before the Columbian Exposition(1893)


1964 World’s Fair

Antietam National Battlefield & Pickett’s Charge

HH Holmes

Holmes was not Jack the Ripper.

Social engineering.